Drone School Certificate Test

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    1. Name two types of drones
    A. QuadcopterB. Multi-rotorsC. Fixed WingsD. Helicopter

    2. What are the three uses of drones?
    A. MilitaryB. CommercialC. RecreationalD. Filming football gamesE. Academics

    3.Who uses commercialized drones?
    A. PhotographersB. Underwater ExplorersC. Basketball PlayersD. Real Estate Agents

    4. Name two types of hobby drones
    A. B-36 PeacemakerB. P-47 ThunderboltC. DJI PhantomD. Blade 350

    5. There are three things to think about with concern to Flight Safety, what are they?
    A. Type of droneB. Flying locationC. PeopleD. Property

    6. How will drones help Precision Agriculture?
    A. Individualized crop dustingB. HarvestingC. Weight of cropD. Type of Crop

    7. How does a fixed wing drone maintain flight speed?
    A. BatteryB. WindC. Propeller driven propulsion to create lift

    8. A quadcopter is 100% reliant on what to stay aloft at all times?
    A. WindB. Type of droneC. MotorD. Propellers

    9. What does ESC stand for?
    A. Extra Special ControlB. Electronic Speed ControllerC. Essential Sensory Controller

    10. Which direction should the antennae on the transmitter be set to?
    A. HorizontalB. VerticalC. MiddleD. To the side

    11. What four items do you need to fly?
    A. TransmitterB. QuadcopterC. BatteryD. Battery ChargersE. Wind

    12. What is a gimbal used for?
    A. Weather gaugeB. To charge batteryC. Stabilizing cameraD. Motor base

    13. GPS mode is considered what mode?
    A. Stability modeB. Global Positioning SystemC. Stable mode

    14. Attitude Mode uses GPS, but does not ____________ in place?
    A. StayB. HoverC. MoveD. Maintain Altitude

    15. In checking Flight Conditions, what should you do first?
    A. Charge the batteryB. Check the DroneC. Clean the areaD. Check the weather

    16. In looking for Flight Locations, what are the five things to look for?
    A. Plenty of roomB. No obstaclesC. Clear lines of sightD. Not heavily populatedE. Level GroundF. Weather Conditions

    17. Name the three times you should check your batteries?
    A. Morning of FlyingB. Prior to getting to locationC. When you arrive at locationD. Immediately prior to beginning flightE. First of the month

    18. What is Rotor wash?
    A. Place to clean your droneB. Location to flyC. Dirty air

    19. How do you start the quadcopter?
    A. Push the start buttonB. Take the controls and place them in the centerC. Plug it in

    20. What does having all the green L.E.D.’s on indicate?
    A. There’s a full GPS lockB. It’s ready to flyC. It needs to be charged

    21. When were drones first used?
    A. 1930’sB. 1990’sC. 1920’s

    22. When drones were created, what was their purpose?
    A. SurveillanceB. Film IndustryC. Target PracticeD. Real Estate

    23. If you crash into someone’s property, who would be responsible?
    A. YouB. The cityC. The property owner

    24. What does the Return to Home feature do?
    A. Indicator that battery needs chargingB. The drone will come back and land where it started.C. Time to leave

    25. What’s the most important thing to do before you hit the Return to Home feature?
    A. Check weatherB. Charge batteriesC. Clean the droneD. Wait for GPS signal to lock in

    26. How do you stop your quadcopter after landing?
    A. Let go of controlsB. Place throttle stick upwardC. Place throttle stick down and inD. Do nothing

    27. What kind of signal does a cross-hare antennae put out?
    A. Crossed wireB. A beam path that’s very narrowC. A flashing lightD. A wide beam path

    28. What kind of signal does an omni-directional antennae put out?
    A. Big circle or balloonB. SquareC. OctagonD. Triangle

    29. Why choose a 5.8 over 1.3 antennae?
    A. More powerB. Bigger antennaeC. Object penetrationD. Better quality

    30. What’s the difference between 5.8 over a 1.3 antennae?
    A. Bigger boxB. PriceC. BrandD. Frequency

    31. What’s the approximate distance you can get out of a 5.8 antennae?
    A. 5 milesB. 1.5 milesC. 10 milesD. 20 miles

    32. A 1.3 antennae has more power to do what?
    A. Object penetrationB. Move quickerC. Easiness of moving aroundD. Will allow to receive more of the signal from a longer distance.

    33. What does UAV stand for?
    A. Unmanned Aerial VehiclesB. Universal Advanced VehiclesC. United Aerial Vehicles

    34. Drones are also used for?
    A. Border patrol missionsB. Forest fire detectionC. Search and rescue missionsD. Fire and large-accident investigationE. All of the above


    35. Drones can stay aloft without refueling for much longer periods of time than piloted airplanes.

    36. Drones are classified as toys, not an aircraft.

    37. T or F – You need permission from the FAA to fly commercial drones.

    38. T or F – You can use drones to spy on your neighbors.

    39. T or F – You can shoot down a drone if you see it around your yard.

    40. T or F- In full manual mode, a flight controller is in control at all times?