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Hi All,

Rudy here, you know, the one with the red nose.

I’ve just about had it. All I ever hear about is drones, drones, drones. It’s bad enough, I only work once a year, and now Santa is seriously contemplating replacing us reindeer with commercial grade UAVs. The big guy has even been whispering to Mrs. Claus about going to The Largest Commercial Drone Conference and Exposition, InterDrone Las Vegas, at the Paris Hotel and Casino, September 7-9.

I’m sure when Santa attends some of the more than 100 classes, panels, and keynotes covering every facet of the commercial drone industry, he’ll be directing the elves to start making drones in the workshop, oh boy.

Sheesh, last year more than 2,800 people attended, and more than 95 of the industry’s leading vendors showed up. And this year they’re expecting many more. The drone industry is just exploding!

You can see what I’m talking about here.

What’s a reindeer to do? Their blinky red LEDs are even brighter than my nose. I think I’m just going to retire and take the kids to Cancun, because there isn’t going to be work for reindeers much longer.

…to be continued.

Rudolph Reindeer