What Pilots Want You to Gift Them

What Pilots Want You to Gift Them

So, you’ve got a pilot in your inner circle and you’re on a mission to give them something that’ll soar above every other gift they’ll receive! We’ve curated a list of seven fantastic gift ideas that’ll have your pilot friend or family member on cloud nine. Let’s dive into the high-flying world of pilot-approved gifts.

1. Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth from Marv Golden:

Let’s kick things off with a game-changer – the Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth from Marv Golden. Offering 30% greater noise reduction than standard aviation headsets, this headset weighs in at just 12 ounces so it’s nice and portable too. With sheepskin cushions and minimal clamping force, it’s the epitome of comfort at altitude. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this headset is any pilot’s dream come true.

2. Custom Leather Flight Jacket:

Every pilot dreams of rocking a classic leather flight jacket, whether they admit it or not! Go the extra mile and get personalized with a custom leather jacket. Embroider their name or call sign for that extra dash of cool.

3. Aviation-Themed Timepiece:

A watch designed for aviators is not just a timepiece, it’s a statement. Look for aviation-themed watches with features like GMT functions and aviation-inspired designs. It’s a stylish way to keep time in two zones.

4. Pilot Logbook:

Help them keep track of their flight hours with a top-notch pilot logbook. Opt for one with customizable sections for different types of flights, ensuring they can record their journeys with ease for years to come.

5. Aviation Artwork:

It doesn’t have to be something they can use in the air! Help them to deck out their living space with aviation-themed artwork. Whether it’s vintage aviation posters or a custom piece of aviation art, it’ll be a constant reminder of their love for the skies.

6. High-Quality Flight Bag:

A durable and spacious flight bag is a pilot essential. Look for one with multiple compartments to keep their charts, manuals, and gadgets organized. Bonus points if it’s lightweight and fits perfectly in the cockpit.

7. Flight Simulator Setup:

For the pilot who loves to practice their skills on the ground, a high-quality flight simulator setup is a game-changer. Invest in a system that mimics the cockpit experience for some serious at-home flight training.

8. Weekend Getaway:

Give the gift of a weekend getaway to a destination with a fantastic airstrip. A chance for them to take a break, enjoy the thrill of flying, and explore a new locale from the sky.