For Immediate Release December 14, 2015

The FAA announces drone owners must register by February 19th, 2016. Registration is a mandatory requirement that applies to all aircraft.

Drones are expected to be the hottest selling Christmas Gift in 2015 and the FAA estimates thousands of drones will take the the skies.

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The agency expects hundreds of thousands of new units to be purchased during the holidays. The FAA registration is so that UAS owners understand they are to operate the aircraft safely or face stiff fines and imprisonment.

Recently, The Federal Aviation Administration announced that all drone units weighing between 0.55 pounds and 50 pounds must be registered by February 19th, 2016.Drone owners who fly without proper registration after the above date will face stiff fines up to $27,500. There are also criminal penalties from $250,000 and up and or includes 3 years in jail.

The FAA registration is $5, but the FAA is waiving that for the first 30 days to help increase compliance.

The FAA says, “registrants will need to provide their name, home address and include an e-mail address. The online registration system does not yet support registration of small UAS used for any purpose other than hobby or recreation.

Once you complete the FAA registration, you will receive your Certificate of Aircraft Registration/Proof of Ownership a that will generate a unique identification number for the UAS owner, which then must be displayed on your drone.

Registration begins on December 21, 2015 for civilian pilots and hobbyists. Owners may register through a web-based system at www.faa.gov/uas/registration

Read entire press release by the FAA.